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I'm currently a Research Associate at Paradigm, a crypto-focused investment firm in San Francisco.

Research & Writing

Open Source

  • TWAMM: An implementation of TWAMM, an AMM which allows market participants to efficiently execute large orders over multiple blocks.
  • RICKS: An implementation of RICKS, an NFT fractionalization primitive.
  • Mortys: An implementation of Martingale Shares, an NFT fractionalization primitive.
  • GDA: An implementation of Gradual Dutch Auctions, a mechanism that enables efficient sales of assets that do not have liquid markets.
  • CRISP: An implementation of CRISP, a pricing mechanism that aims to sell NFTs at a targeted rate over time.
  • Smart Batched Auctions: An implementation of Smart Batched Auctions, an efficient common-clearing price auction for ERC721s
  • Party Pooper: A proof-of-concept flash-loan attack on PartyBid
  • Takeover: A proof-of-concept governance attack for NFT collections